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July 9, 2006
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Flag Girl 1024x768 by FoxxFireArt Flag Girl 1024x768 by FoxxFireArt
I made this some time back in 2004. I got inspiration for this after I found out one of my old highschool friends had joined the Army and was going to Iraq. I'm not a big supporter of THIS war, but I back my friends. I know he's got kids. I wish him luck and I show my support in this picture. I haven't heard from him in some time. I hope he's alright

The flag was an absolute headache to make. This is a traditional drawing. I used Paintshop Pro Vr7 to color it. I'm rather pleased with her profile. I hope you all enjoy.
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kevinkosmo May 28, 2013  Student Digital Artist
I remember this from almost a decade ago. One of my favorite pieces of all time
FoxxFireArt Jul 2, 2013  Professional Artist
now that's being patriot :D
Your wonderful work has been featured here: [link] :)
FoxxFireArt Mar 29, 2009  Professional Artist
Just so you know I'm not clicking the link. There was that trouble before of people sending links that led to SPAM and piracy of people's accounts.
It's best to explain what you are talking about. Rather then being vague and having a link.
I'm not vague.
It's not my fault you don't know what a feature is, all the deviants I know, know what they are, and those who doesn't, at least know how to ask politely. That's just a link to my latest journal, where I placed a thumbnail of your work. When a person features your work in their journal, it's because that person thinks your work is good and it's worth featuring. In case you want to see it, just go to my page and look to the right, you'll find my journal there. I featured your work because I thought it was good, but now I regret doing it. I know about the spam and that stuff, but there's no need to be rude, not to someone who's doing something good for you.
Sorry for bothering you, and if you want I'll remove your piece from my feature immediately.
FoxxFireArt Mar 30, 2009  Professional Artist
Your first post was very vague. You could just say, "You can see it on my profile.". I'll be able to find it like that without a link.
What you had written was VERY similar to what a lot of the SPAM reports were saying. They would say something like, "Your art has been featured here [LINK] check it out.". That's very similar to what you wrote initially.
Don't get all upset with me, because you didn't consider that kind of problem.

I had planned a whole journal entry about some of my favorite AMVs, but to do that I would have to link to other sites. With all the trouble with links I canceled that idea. It would require a lot of linking.
My first post is the way people let others know they've been featured. I'm sorry if you hadn't been featured before and you didn't know this. Good luck.
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